Changing Paths…

Wow! It has been a long time since I have blogged. Back in January I had worked on a post to share our change in paths, but I just wasn’t in the best place for writing on the topic and I’m glad that I waited to share.

So, what is our new path, you ask?! We are adopting!!! I realize that I started this blog as an infertility blog and was tempted to start a new blog to share our adoption journey, but decided that either way, we are still on the same journey towards growing our family. Since many people that have experienced infertility choose adoption, hopefully if you are following and are struggling with infertility this will give you some insight on adoption. (But, let me just say that adoption is not for everyone that is experiencing infertility.)

Our decision of adoption came about much different than most. Back in the end of November we were still in decision mode…trying to decide what would be the best way for us to grow our family after our failed IVF cycle in September (read more about that here or here). We were asked by a relative (my brother in law’s parents) if we would be interested in adopting as they had a connection with a woman that was seeking adoptive parents for her unborn baby. It seemed to “fall into our lap” at the perfect time and made our decision to adopt seem like it was meant to be.

We moved forward with this adoption and got our home study completed, connected with attorneys and had many conversations with the expectant mother. This adoption situation ended with us spending 10 days in January in Florida waiting for the birth of the baby. Soon after the birth, we found out that the birth mother had decided to parent. We were devastated, but understood that this was a risk that we took and we were prepared for something like this to happen. I still think of that little baby girl and pray for them often.

After experiencing a failed adoption, it really made us think about where our hearts were and even though this first adoption situation didn’t work out as planned, we felt that God was leading us towards adoption. I think he placed this situation in our lives to show us that we really could love a child that wasn’t biologically “ours.”

In February, we began working with Susan at Christian Adoption Consultants. We had our profile made and now have applied to five different agencies pursuing a domestic infant adoption. We are currently in the “waiting to be matched” stage.

Stay tuned for more adoption updates!! We are so excited to be expanding our family through adoption.


The cover of our adoption profile book…can’t wait to be matched!

One thought on “Changing Paths…

  1. We are also looking forward to this next part of the journey ~ I wish I could tell whomever looks at your profile that you two would make the best parents!


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