A 2ww (or 2 week wait) is usually considered the time between ovulation and your next expected period. Or, for this cycle for us it’s the time from Embryo Transfer to my quantitative hCG test. (Which will actually end up being a little longer than 2 weeks of waiting!)

The time during the 2ww usually goes painfully slow as you simply wait to see if this cycle worked. I have done my fair share of 2wws, but this IVF wait seems like it’s been one of the longest!!

It’s good to find things to keep yourself preoccupied and busy during this time. Of course, there will be times (maybe many times) that you will just sit and think or maybe sit and worry, wondering if the cycle worked. 

I have been doing my best to stay busy, but I have to admit some days have been tougher than others to find the motivation to keep busy. Here are some enjoyable things that have helped me keep my mind off of things:

-I met up with a friend from college for dinner. It was a nice little outing and was super fun to catch up with an old friend.

-The weather has been gorgeous, so we had a bonfire the other night. So relaxing to hang out by the warm fire on a cool fall evening.

-We celebrated at friend’s birthday. A group of us went out for dinner and stopped at our local brewery afterwards. I of course couldn’t have a drink, but it was still fun to get together with friends.

-We have went to church. We aren’t always the “best” at getting there each week. But, it was good to spend some time hearing the word of God these last couple of weeks.

-I’ve been busy with projects around the house. I cleaned my car, did some trimming and weeding in my flower beds, put up fall decorations and all the regular cleaning, dishes, etc.

-I have been praying a lot. Not only for me and my 2ww, but for others in need of prayers too. 

-We had friends over for yummy lasagna and football watching! Good food and a good game!

-I’ve been trying my best to relax by not having any extra obligations, sleeping in on weekends and I even bought an adult coloring book. I have to admit coloring is an extremely relaxing activity. I have been skeptical of this adult coloring book fad, but I’m happy I’m giving it a shot!

Here is rhe start of my coloring. Love the inspirational quotes on each page.

Wish us luck as this 2ww comes to a close. Soon we will be starting a new chapter. Hopefully our next chapter will be one of pregnancy. If not, however, it will be a new chapter of our continued journey towards parenthood.

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