Symptom check…Is it over?

It has been a exactly one week since our transfer! This week flew by, as I was quite busy with work! I have been noticing some possible “pregnancy-like” symptoms, but I think I’m hypersensitive to some of these symptoms just because I want to be pregnant! Also, I’m using progesterone suppositories and those, of course, can cause side effects that mimic pregnancy. Also, symptoms leading up to your period are likely to be very similar to pregnancy symptoms. So, how do you know what’s going on?! (Spoiler alert: You don’t!!!)

 Here’s what I do know! This week I have continued to be bloated. I’m not sure if it’s a sign at all, or just my ovaries still being slightly enlarged from stimulation and follicle growth. I have been able to squeeze back into jeans, but they are just not overly comfortable right now. Leggings have become my new best friend.

I have had little twinges of pain here and there in my abdomen and occasional cramps. Is this a sign? Could those embryos be burrowing in to my uterine lining and causing some discomfort? 

Sore boobs. Yep, they hurt. But, usually this happens before my period, so maybe a sign, or maybe not!

I have been tired. I’ve been going to bed relatively early and just feel tired and wore out! Is it because of a busy work week, or is something else causing this?

I feel hungry all the time. I feel myself snacking more and more between meals and just feel more hungry in general. And I seem to be craving sweets!

Sharper sense of smell? This is hard to gauge until regular smells make you want to vomit. I haven’t experienced that yet, but I feel like some smells have really caught my attention! We have had fruit flies in our house (yuck!) and the trap that we set out a couple of weeks ago hasn’t bothered me until the other day. While doing the dishes all I could smell was the fermented vinegar smell from that fruit fly trap! Hmmm….maybe it’s my nose or maybe it’s gotten more potent as its sat. Hard to tell!

And now for the trickiest symptom of all…this morning I started bleeding. Spotting, maybe? Or is it my period? As if right now, I don’t know. It seems a little late for implantation bleeding (our doctor said to expect that last Monday or Tuesday, as that’s when implantation should have taken place), but after reading message boards online, spotting during early pregnancy is “normal.” So what is this?! I feel like it might be my period and of course got in a good cry after feeling like this was all over. But, maybe it isn’t. I’m hoping it’s not over and hoping this is a pregnancy symptom rather than another period. 

As you can see as I evaluate all these signs…it really doesn’t tell me much. So, I just turn to prayer and pray that these are all “good signs” and pray that those little embryos hold on in there. 

My mind has been wandering all morning though. I’ve been thinking maybe taking a home pregnancy test would give me my answer. But, if it’s negative I’ll be wondering if it was just too early. If it’s positive, is this bleeding a chemical pregnancy? So, I’ve decided that a home pregnancy test isn’t my answer. I just need to wait another 9 days until my blood test.

Meanwhile, I’ll just continue to take things one day at a time. Spending the weekend relaxing and doing my best to keep the negative thoughts out. Even though, it’s natural to be thinking “What will be next for us if this doesn’t work?”…but that’s probably a topic for a whole different blog post.

Please send prayers that our little embryos hold on and that all these symptoms are pregnancy symptoms rather than medication side effects or my period making its entrance.

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