Lots of waiting!!

These last few days have included copious amounts of waiting. Waiting to start feeling better for me (It’s been a long week with a lot of cramping, bloating, and soreness. Today I’m finally feeling better!) And waiting for updates on our embryos at the lab!!!

Tuesday we received a message from our fertility clinic (they leave messages on a secure voicemail so you can check them when it’s convenient for you since most contain private and sensitive information). The message included some great news, that fertilization had taken place and that we would be having a 5 day transfer (so 5 days after retrieval). The number of days that the embryos spend in the Petrie dishes depends on the number of viable embryos. If you have more embryos (5+) they will culture them for 5 days until they are a blastocyst. At the 5 day mark, they are able to grade each embryo and make sure they are transferring the strongest ones back to your uterus. If there are fewer embryos after fertilization (less than 5) they will do the transfer 2 days after fertilization because the uterus is a better incubator than the ones in the lab. So, the chances of survival are greater when they are placed in the uterus sooner. The drawback to this earlier transfer is they are not able to grade the embryos to know which ones are the strongest. So, all in all, I was happy to get the news that a 5 day transfer was scheduled for us!

Wednesday -Thursday I continued to check our secure voicemail. Any updates would be left on there and I didn’t want to miss a thing! I was hoping to get a number of how many embryos we had, but there were no messages left these days. I guess no news is good news, right?!

Friday  (today) I received another message. We are still scheduled for a 5 day transfer and need to check into the clinic at 7am tomorrow! The message said we will get an embryo “report card” that shows the quality of the embryos (I still want to know how many…but I guess I’ll have to wait one more day!)

Here is a picture diagram we received on retrieval day. I’ve been following along to see how big the embryos are getting. It is so crazy that humans start like this! So amazing!

Continue to send prayers as we prepare for Transfer Day and the upcoming weeks which will also include lots and lots of waiting!

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