Today was our egg retrieval!! We had 18 eggs retrieved! So happy that there were lots of little eggs in those follicles!

Had to take a quick picture before retrieval! Lots of excitement (and a few nerves too!)

Here is step by step how our retrieval appointment went.

*We arrived an hour before the scheduled retrieval. Once admitted we went to our egg retrieval “suite.” (A room with a large comfy chair for me and a table and other chairs for hubby and a TV)

*Next hubby was taken to go do his collection and I changed not my gown (and special little booties!)

*My vitals were checked and  I was given an oral medication to help me to relax. They also got my IV in. (I was super impressed at how well our nurse did with my IV. The last time I had one a few months back, I was poked 6 times, and they ended up putting the IV up in the crease by my elbow and left a huge bruise on my arm!– this nurse did one little poke in my hand and it was set!)

*Then we had to do some waiting until it was “time.” We had brought with a little bag with magazines, books, etc. which was nice because there was a fair amount of waiting throughout the day (especially for Blake)

*Our doctor came in and visited to explain the procedure and I was ready to go!

*The procedure room was warm and dark. There were 2 nurses that got me all set up.The procedure room was right next to the laboratory. Even the embryologist came out to introduce herself. It was nice to meet the lady that would be handling my eggs in the lab.

*When the procedure started, I was partially sedated. I mostly just felt tired and little dizzy, but I was still awake!

*Our doctor inserted the aspiration needle and ultrasound. There were two screens that I could watch. One that showed the ultrasound view and one that showed the Petrie dishes in the lab as she poured the contents of the follicles into the dish to look for eggs. Hubby was also able to watch on a screen in the egg retrieval suite. Here is a video he took of the retrieval. You can see the needle poking in the follicles and drawing out the fluid from each one. Science is so awesome!! I’m so happy I was able to be “awake” to watch this during the procedure!

*After the retrieval we waited for the anesthesia the wear off and I had some animal crackers! No nausea for me, but I was definitely tired. I’m pretty uncomfortable in my tummy…almost like cramping. It doesn’t really hurt if I don’t move, but standing up and walking is quite painful. Happy to have the week off to recover and get ready for transfer day!

*After the eggs were retrieved, they were fertilized in a Petrie dish and we should find out tomorrow how many of the 18 fertilized. From what I’ve read, usually about 70% will fertilize. Looking forward to that call tomorrow to get an update on our embryos!

Thank you for the prayers as today went just as planned!

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