This Man…

Infertility is not easy. In our case, I’m the “problem.” I have PCOS which is the root of our infertility. Fortunately, Blake is “all good.” No issues for him as far as fertility goes! In some ways, this does bring some jealousy on my part. I’m the one having all of the procedures, injections, etc, while he seemingly sits back and watches.

I am so thankful for him though. The further we go through this journey the more and more I appreciate having him by my side.

Here are some of the reasons I’m so thankful for “this man…” ::

He is calm.  Always. I’m the one who easily stresses and easily gets uptight when things aren’t going well. Each failed cycle, I was crushed. Meanwhile, hubby was always calm and encouraging. Always remaining hopeful and rather than dwelling on the past, looking to the future and what treatments we will try next.

He is helpful and handy. It’s so nice knowing that when things break around the house, he will have a solution for fixing it. Occasionally, I’ve been under the weather through treatments and he will help out– even of its just by making a pizza so I dont have to cook dinner. Might seem like a small gesture, but helping with the small stuff is huge most days.

He is hardworking. Being a lineman is not an easy job. I know that he puts his life on the line during some of the nastiest weather to keep everyone’s lights on. If it weren’t for his hard working nature, paying for fertility treatments would be out of the picture. So thankful that he works hard to support us and our future family.

He always encourages time for relaxation at the end of the day. Relaxation is important, especially through the stressful times of infertility. I tend to be more of a busy body. If Blake is gone, I won’t sit down. I’ll be busy working around the house until I go to bed. But, Blake encourages me to relax. Forces me to take time at the end of the day just to sit (usually in front of the tv). He will also encourage me to to hop in the bath if I’m not feeling well or if I had a stressful day. Sometimes he even gets the water going and all set up. It’s the little things that make you feel extra appreciated. And a hot bath always makes you feel better!

Lots of hugs. (I don’t want to sound cheesy)…but a hug and a kiss before work and after really make my day better. Just knowing that he is by my side makes every day better.

He loves me no matter what. At my worst and at my best. Even when the root of our infertility is my “fault” he makes me confident that we are in this together. I’ve heard many stories where marriages fall apart due to infertility. It is stressful and hard, but I am confident that our love is stronger because of it.

 To share some appreciation for my amazing hubby I put together a little IVF survival kit for him. This journey is as stressful for him as it is for me. Also, these upcoming appointments will include lots of waiting in the clinic, so I figured he could use a magazine and a new book to help pass the the time. I also included some of his favorite snacks and a shirt that I am hoping he will be able to wear when we are through with this IVF cycle.

Did I mention I’m super THANKFUL for this man??!  Thank you Blake for all that you do. Those of you struggling with infertility, be sure to thank your significant other. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to work through this together. Those of you that don’t have to deal with infertility, thank your significant other anyways. Having a partner for life is the best.

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