Trigger Time! 

Tonight I did my hCG trigger shot at 9:30pm. Actually, our friend and neighbor who is a nurse ended up giving it to me! I did this same injection throughout our Letrozole cycles, but due to the importance of this injection I figured I’d phone a friend for some assistance. Giving yourself intramuscular injections with a inch a half long needle isn’t easy. So, I figured I’d ask and know that it was getting done the right way, rather than me getting super nervous and worrying about hitting a vein, etc. This was my final IVF injection and injection #58!!

Timing is very important when it comes to this injection because ovulation will occur 36 hours after. It is at exactly 36 hours later that my egg retrieval will take place to get all those mature eggs out!! So, Monday morning at 9:30am is our scheduled egg retrieval!

 I was instructed to inject a 1/2 dose (5,000 iu rather than 10,000 iu) of Novarel. After reading in our in vitro handbook, it seems that women who are at higher risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) are to inject a lesser dose of hCG to hopefully avoid OHSS. OHSS is a condition that occurs with the use of stimulation medications to induce the growth of many follicles. Mild cases of OHSS include having soreness and swelling in the ovaries. There are more severe cases as well that can lead to stroke or even death. Click here for more details regarding Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. I read that drinking lots of water and staying hydrated can help, so I have been sure to get plenty of fluids since I started stimulation medications and will continue to do so these next few days! 

Our egg retrieval was scheduled after today’s ultrasound which showed continued follicle growth. Along with the follicle growth has come some discomfort! My tummy is feeling tight and I have felt pretty “wore out” in general today. Happy it is the weekend so I am able to relax and getting excited for our upcoming egg retrieval!! I will be sure to update on Monday with how our egg retrieval goes! Wish us luck!!

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