Lots of change!

Today we had an ultrasound and estrogen level blood test at our fertility clinic. After Tuesday’s appointment showing so few follicles I was a little nervous about today’s appointment.

To my surprise, there were 25 total follicles!! 14 of those measured over 10mm! Feeling much more confident and hopeful in this process than I was on Tuesday. (I am unsure if more follicles have developed or if follicles were missed at my last appointment at our local clinic?!)

I have been feeling some discomfort and  bloating, but nothing horrible. The pain got me thinking, though, how big are my ovaries?! Currently, my right ovary has 14 follicles and my left ovary has 11. Apparently, the size of a mature follicle (which most of mine aren’t quite there yet) is about the size of a grape! Seems so big!! So I can just envision my ovaries as two big clumps of grapes. I also read that likely your ovaries will become the size if baseballs during IVF stimulation (usually they are about the size of an almond). So needless to say, it’s no wonder I’m feeling a little tender by my ovaries!

Above is an image from YouTube of a stimulated ovary to give you an idea of what they look like during an ultrasound.(I should have snapped a picture of mine today, but it didn’t even cross my mind!) Each follicle is counted and measured during the follicle study ultrasounds.

Today was my hubby’s first time coming to a follicle study ultrasound.He mostly came to help with the driving (it was an early morning leaving home at 4am to reach our fertility clinic by 7am). But, I think he was pretty amazed watching the ultrasound and getting to record the sizes of all of the follicles on a chart for the doctor. It was just nice having him along to see what this step of the IVF process is all about! 

Next, I will be continuing my medications at all of the same doses and will have another (and hopefully last) ultrasound this Saturday! Getting excited for our soon approaching egg retrieval!!

2 thoughts on “Lots of change!

  1. very interesting Dena – Thanking God for these medical advancements available for you and others. Glad Blake went with you. Hugs to you both!


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