Ultrasound #3 Update

This morning I had my 3rd ultrasound and estrogen level blood test. Today there were 5 follicles in my right ovary that measured over 10mm. The largest was 17mm and the others were 10-12mm. My left ovary seems to be slacking a bit and only has 2 follicles over 10mm.Both in the 10-12mm range.There was also 1 smaller follicle on that side that measured at about 9mm. At my ultrasounds they only count and measure follicles that are over 10mm, so today there were 7 that were large enough.

After leaving my appointment I was excited knowing that the follicles are continuing to grow. But… then I got to thinking about how few follicles I have. Many IVF cycles seem to end up with 15+ eggs and right now we might get 7 or 8 at the most. I feel like the more follicles you have, the more eggs are harvested and the greater the success rates. So, after some tears and worrying, I’ve decided it is what it is! I just need to focus on remaining hopeful.Our doctor wants me to continue the same medication regimen (2.5iu Leuprolide Acetate and 150iu Gonal F in the morning and 150iu Menopur in the evening). I will have another ultrasound on Thursday. Currently, all of our ultrasounds have been preformed at a local clinic  (about 45 minutes from our home) but Thursday’s will be done at our fertility clinic  (about 2.5 hours from our home). I’m happy to have our fertility clinic preforming our next (and possibly last) ultrasound just to make sure everything looks good for our upcoming retreival! Wish us luck! Praying the follicles continue to grow and maybe a couple more will appear! 

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