The Start of Follicle Growth

On Friday, I had another ultrasound and a blood test to check my Estrogen levels. I am happy to report that my right ovary had 3 small follicles and many tiny follicles growing and the left ovary had 2 small follicles and many tiny ones. So, after 2.5 days of stimulation medication follicles are starting to form!!

There were some changes to my medication regimen. I’m now doing the Gonal F injection just in the mornings (150iu) and my dose of Leuprolide Acetate has been decreased to 2.5iu in the mornings. I am also now starting Menopur (150iu) in the evenings. I am so thankful for my medication calendar for keeping track of these injections and their doses. 

Along with follicle growth, I am also starting to feel some of the side effects from these medications. Nothing horrible, but there has been a bit of discomfort. Friday, during the day I seemed to be extra emotional  (I think I cried 3 times over super small things). Also Friday night and yesterday I had a horrible headache and almost felt dizzy at times. I also felt kind of achy and just overall felt exhausted. Thankful these feelings are happening on the weekend and not during the work week. Hopefully today will be better as well! 

After hearing about the benefits of Pom (pomegranate) juice I decided to pick some up for myself! Pom juice is supposed to help thicken your uterine lining making it a suitable environment for an embryo to attach. I’m not sure if it will help, but what can it hurt?!

This morning I did an injection count…so far I’ve done 35 injections these last couple of weeks! It should only be about 8-10 days until our egg retrieval! Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!

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