As a child, prayers were always said before bed. The same prayer in fact (and a pretty common one) “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. The angels watch me through the night and wake me to the morning light. Amen.”

As I have grown older, I would say my prayers have changed. I am sure there have been times where I didn’t do much praying, and other times that I have prayed much more than just before bed.

Through our journey of infertility, both my husband and I have done our fair share of prayer it seems. Many of my prayers have included basically begging God for a child. I feel that God does meet the desires of our hearts, so was getting pretty good at consistently asking for a child.

After talking with a doctor that I had seen for some heartburn issues, my prayers changed. We had a nice conversation about stress and how it affects your body. Somehow, we ended up on the topic of prayer. She said that God will meet  your needs, so that’s all you need to ask him in prayer. To me, this meant that I was going about prayer all wrong. I was focusing it on my “needs,” yes, but I was also being a little demanding and day in and day out my prayers were the same. “Dear Lord, can you please make this cycle work for us. All we want is a child of our own.”  All along, my prayer had been focused on one thing. A Baby.

Now, I have changed my focus. I haven’t asked God for a baby in a while. I rather have decided that God knows what I need. I still have been praying, in fact maybe more than ever. I feel good after asking God for help or thanking him for what I have. Much better than I did after making demanding prayers. It feels good to pray for others that are also struggling with infertility. It feels good to pray for my husband that he can also have strength through this IVF cycle. It just feels good…

Also, while I was researching things about IVF on Pinterest, I came across a blog called ‘Amateur Nester’ that shared “31 Days of Prayer During Infertility.”  Each day has a different topic and you read a bible verse and pray for that topic. Last night my husband and I prayed for “Comfort.” We are still working on praying out loud with one another. We have found these last couple of nights that we are almost better at spending time praying on our own after reading the bible verse and talking about it afterwards. My husband shared that he prayed for me to have comfort with my injections. I also prayed for comfort with my shots and for comfort for my husband since I know that this is not easy on him (even though it seems like I am the one having to take all the meds and do the injections). He still has worries and stress too. I’m hopeful that praying together will help make our relationship even stronger and just to talk each night and know that we are there for one another before bed is the best. If  you haven’t tried praying with your spouse, I’d highly recommend giving it a try. Seeing the things that they ask for in prayer and sharing your prayers is sure to bring you closer and reduce stress in your life.


I marked each day in my Bible– so I have the topic and can read the Bible verse for that day. Can’t wait to continue through these 31 days of prayer while we continue on our IVF journey.

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