Getting these Injections Figured Out

Today was my third day of Leuprolide Acetate injections!! I’m definitely getting this figured out. It’s not my most favorite part of the day, but I know that all these shots will be worth it in the end. So far, I’ve discovered a few techniques that work better than others. 

1 ) Don’t be nervous. These needles for subcutaneous injection are small (especially compared to the huge needles I’ve used for my hCG Trigger shots in the past). They also don’t hurt too bad– worse than a mosquito bite– maybe more like a little bee sting!

2) It has worked best for me to sit on the floor pretzel-legged when I give the injection. A couple I’ve done sitting (in the car or on the edge of the bed) and those ones seemed to leave the largest red dots afterwards. 

3) I also think the amount of skin that I pinch makes it easier to insert the needle. When I sit I get those rolls on my tummy (yes, I just said rolls– plural) and I feel like the smaller pinch of skin/fat that easier the needle inserts. A couple times I grabbed a larger section and it made it that much harder to get that needle through he skin. (It’s truly amazing how strong our skin is…you really have to push to puncture the skin!)

4) This medication seems to have a burning sensation following the injection. I think the burning is a little less when injecting the medication more slowly. Also, I have a rice filled heat pack that heated up last night to help with the burning sensation.

5) Set an alarm on your phone so you don’t miss an injection and be prepared to plan ahead. I have alarms set for both 6:50am and 6:50pm so I make sure to do my injections on time. Also, if you know you are going to be out of the house, make sure to pack all of your supplies in your purse so you will be ready! 

So, if you will be enduring Leuprolide Acetate injections, I’d highly recommend these tips! I’ll keep you posted on other tips I come across with my upcoming stimulation injections.

So far I’ve done 3 days of injections (6 injections total)… only about 20 or 21 days until egg retreival!!

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