Fun Package Delivery!

Earlier this week, I shared about my Sock Buddy. We both sent our packages to each other this week and I received my package from her today!!

It was so fun to receive a surprise package on the mail! I Expected to receive some socks– but she also sent some other really sweet things!

Her encouraging words in the card and the sweet hope ornament brought tears to my eyes! She also sent some really good smelling bubble bath and bath salts. I see lots of baths in my future (especially if I’m feeling any discomfort once I start my stimulation injections). And of course she sent some crazy rainbow socks for good luck and to keep my feet warm!! (I had to try them on right away!!)

I am so thankful for such a thoughtful friend! It has been so fun getting to know each other. I can’t wait to continue to support each other through this journey and beyond.

For those of you that are experiencing infertility or going through IVF I highly recommend finding a sock buddy. I connected with my sock buddy through a Facebook group for individuals going through infertility. So happy to have someone to chat with that is going through the same procedures, injections, etc. and it’s super fun to send eachother little packages of encouragement throughout infertility treatments!

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