Sock Buddy!

This week I finished up my care package for my sock buddy. A sock buddy is someone else who is going through similar fertility treatments at the same time as you. In my case, my sock buddy is also doing IVF in September. So why is it called a sock buddy?! — Well, Chinese medicine states in short that warm feet = a warm uturus. So, by wearing socks you are keeping your uturus warm and ready for a baby to grow. Many women around the world that are experiencing infertility will seek out a “sock buddy” to exchange support, knowledge, items for relaxation and of course socks! 

My sock buddy lives in North Carolina, so practically on the other side of the country! It has been great getting to know her and sharing our stories of infertility with one another. It’s also been great to be able to chat about our worries and concerns about our upcoming IVF cycles. It’s like we are each other’s personal cheerleaders! I’m sure as we get closer to our retreival and transfer dates we will have even more to share and compare.

Here is her package!

I included the following: 2 pairs of socks (1 pair with pugs– because she loves pugs, and 1 pair with rainbow colors because she also has experienced miscarriage and is hoping for a rainbow baby), a bath bomb set from Basin White (with a rainbow bar of soap that was so fitting), tea (for relaxing), a yummy smelling candle, some chocolates and chapstick from Melaleuca.

I’m so excited for her to get her package!! I will also share when I receive my package from her! It sounds like we are both getting them sent off this week! So fun!!

2 thoughts on “Sock Buddy!

  1. How cools is that. Sock buddies! love it. I am sure it is a lot easier talking to someone else who is also experiencing all the emotions that you are. Good luck and love you guys so much!, Gma Jo


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