Ready… Set…


We are officially ready to start our IVF cycle! Here was our pre-IVF checklist!

-Sonohystorgram (showed everything looks healthy and ready)

-Blood testing (everything came back as “normal” and healthy for both my husband and I)

-Injection course (completed and I feel much more confident about my upcoming daily injections)

-Sperm Cyopreservation  (back up sample stored in case we need it on egg retrieval day)

-Finances in line and IVF paid for

-Medications arrived! (A HUGE box that was a little daunting, but all the medications were in there and I can totally do this!!!)

As of right now, I am excited to start our IVF cycle. I feel prepared and so ready! Currently, I am starting medications to down regulate (this means my ovaries will be quiet and our Dr. will have a baseline level of hormones to start with). Currently, to achieve down regulation I am starting a pill (Norethindrone) and will start Luprolide Acetate (an injection) in 1.5 weeks!
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this journey!!

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