Letrozole Cycle #5 Update

Time sure does fly…  I can’t believe we are on our 5th (and most likely final) cycle using Letrozole. For those of you wondering my exact medications to compare here is what we have been doing each cycle:

  • Metformin (750mg 2x per day)
  • Prenatal Vitamin (1 tab AM and PM)
  • Calcium (2 tabs AM and 2 tabs PM)
  • Letrozole (5mg CD 3-10)
  • Novarel hCG injection (usually CD 13 or 14 to induce ovulation)
  • Estrace (3mg 3x per day starting the evening of Novarel injection)
  • Progesterone Suppository (50mg 2x per day after ovulation)
  • Low Dose Aspirin (1 tab per day after ovulation)

This week I had an ultrasound to measure my follicle sizes. I had one that was 22.5 mm and one that was 11.2 mm. The largest follicle that I have had in the past at this ultrasound was 18mm. So hopefully this time will work!

Entering this last cycle of Letrozole is a little bitter sweet. A part of me is upset and sad that this has not work for us, but another part of me is ready to move on to what it next for us. We have a meeting with our RE mid-June, so hopefully we will be able to get a plan for what will come next. I am trying to remain positive and hopeful about this cycle, but after the last 4 not working for us, it definitely is a little hard to have faith that this one will work.


3 thoughts on “Letrozole Cycle #5 Update

    • Hello! To my understanding the low dose aspirin reduces the risk of blood clots. If a blood clot were to happen close to the placenta it could deprive the developing baby of oxygen and nutrients. So, it could help prevent a miscarriage by keeping blood and nutrients flowing smoothly to the developing baby. If I were to conceive, I would be taking the low dose aspirin, metformin, estrace, and progesterone suppositories until I am 12 weeks along! Best of luck to you iwannabeamommy2.

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      • Thanks for this important information!! My doc has prescribed me 7.5mg of Letrozole for this coming cycle… but made NO mention about aspirin. Everything I hear about it is from blogs. I am definitely going to ask about it this week when I meet with him. It concerns me that he wouldn’t mention it… I’m not a doctor… but I always have to do my own research and advocate for myself with everything. I’ll be prescribed estrae and progesterone suppositories if we conceive. I’m working on the Metformin part.

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